Workshops and Seminars

Are you keen to learn bird care?  We can help!

Wild Bird Rescue 101

A part-day workshop to learn how to stabilise a sick or injured bird in the initial 24-48 hours.  This course includes online content.

Baby Bird Care

A part-day workshop that will equip you with a more in-depth knowledge of the care of baby birds.

Bird Basics

This is a part-day seminar and demonstration covering the basics of bird anatomy and physiology.

What people are saying

Arthur Bensana

A lot of information online, very interesting instructors for the practical part. I just wish to practice a little more (I'm someone who need a lot of practice, and there is so many things to learn). Strongly advise for people who want to learn about wild bird care!

Torsten Stolzenberg - Germany

The workshop was one of the most interesting ones I attended. Everything was planned to perfection and all the teachers were more than effective and friendly to help us to learn.  The "live" part definitely changed my view on birds and their life. Thank you so much.

Annalily van den Broeke

The online course was very informative, but the hands-on practical day is unbeatable: all the tiny details Mandy and Janelle share with the group, based on their years of practice and experience to make bird rescue more successful, is priceless.

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