Native Bird Rescue -Waiheke Island  Bird Rescue 101 Workshop

16th November 2019 - 10am to 3pm

Workshop cost $105

This hands-on workshop focuses on core skills for bird handling, care and rehabilitation. The course includes demonstrations and a chance to practice vital skills including crop-tubing, bandaging and handling techniques. Learn how to safely and accurately give fluid therapy to a dehydrated bird.  Learn how to stabilise sick or injured birds in the initial 24-48 hours and how to transport them safely. 

Please note this is a discounted price and subject to change.


Included in the cost of the workshop is Learn Bird Care’s On-line Wild Bird Rescue 101 course. The on-line course is valued at $89 and carries 5CPD points from the New Zealand Veterinary Nursing Association.  Access will be given at least two weeks prior to the workshop and we recommend attendees complete the course prior to the workshop.

Please note participants will be practicing all techniques on non-live birds.

Tea and coffee will be provided but please bring your own lunch.

The workshop is being held at the following address:

Waiheke High School
11 Donald Bruce Road
Waiheke Island, Auckland


Registration is at 9.30am
Starting at 10am and finishing at 3pm
Bring your own lunch. Refreshments will be provided.

(Pick up from the ferry can be arranged)

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